Celebrity Fashion : Paris Hilton

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A super socialite and fashionable girlie celebrity and the most model of Primp collection sentenced to be in jail for 23 days, beside that she was truly gorgeous and so fashionable it was so shame that she was prison for a case in which she allegedly drove the wrong way on a freeway.

Well, Paris Hilton released last June 26, good to her.but no matter what how her consequences and hardship in prison still i love her because of good and well choice about fashion, i admire the way she wearing Primp. They say life is “beautiful and must move on..”


dinoyang63 said...

Paris iz probably the QUEEN of FASHION!

Anna said...

i remember when she got that pink motorola phone and over the next month or something the company sold millions!!she starts trends all the time

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